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I've been on a journey, you too right? ;) My music, art, love, and coaching has taken me around the world a few times this last year and a half... It's no wonder I found myself wanting to dive deeper and deeper within, because expansion is not only external but also an internal discovery of: WHO AM I WHERE AM I WHAT AM I DOING HERE and why have we all been brought to this planet right NOW?! SO what better way to dive in than to be silent (COMPLETELY SILENT) for 10 days!

Quepasana they call it ;)

I celebrated my Saturn Return (27th Birthday) in Maui, Hawaii.

Packed my bags with cute bathing suits and dresses, the comfort that I needed knowing that I was going to be silent for 10 days, not looking at anyone, no acknowledgments, thank you, or excuse me, not even a giggle. And definitely NO SINGING.

The great thing about having bad ass friends is that they encourage and decide to do these crazy experiences with you. So there I went with my 5 best friends to celebrate our birthday (3 within the 10 days) in complete silence.

We would wake up at 4am by a beautiful man named Natural who would walk by our individual tents (50 of them!) and ring a bell and softly play a drum. We would "shake, rattle, and roll" our bodies for the next 30 minutes before sitting together for an hour of meditation. Every day.

After this was breakfast, then meditation, then yoga and breathwork, then meditation. Then lunch, and more meditation, yoga, and get the picture ;)

Around 7 hours we'd spend meditating together, around 4 doing yoga and breathwork, and approximately 3 hours eating, leaving us with a few extra hours to stare off into the distance, or my favorite activity - follow an inchworm around.

Sounds slow, boring, tedious, terrible, prison, torture. It was difficult, but let me remind you this is why I choose to have this experience in Maui (see photo above to remember the beauty).

We practiced noble silence - meaning not only could you not talk, you also couldn't look at or share an eye glance with anyone there. And let me tell you, there were some pretty gorgeous humans there which made it even more difficult!

But I can say, by day 7 something beautiful happened. I felt a deep sense of forgiveness come over me, for myself and anyone who I've ever hurt or I've been hurt by. I felt my heart soften and sweeten like a child. And on my birthday, it felt like the most beautiful gift - to be reunited with this sense of purity, ease, and grace that I had been missing for so long.

The big lessons I learned...

Silence is golden. Slowing down is essential to growth and integration. Our hearts want to be in their true state of purity. Forgiveness of ALL and SELF are key. I want to work on my relationship and dialogue with food. For example why am I eating, to fill and distract from feeling empty or to actually fuel my body? I am here to CREATE EPIC ART (New album is ALMOST done, eeeek! =) I can trust in the flow and what is being given/showing up for me.



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