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Celebrating Collaboration

I'm excited to share I'm now going to be writing posts for Wild Vessel!

Wild Vessel is an amazing collective based out of LA celebrating the divine feminine and helping women unleash their wild side in a safe space!

Here is my first blog post for Wild Vessel and I'll be sharing some others on here as well. Enjoy =)

Did you know that the whole world has been built off collaboration?

Take a moment to think about it. There's almost nothing that can be done by just one being. Then why do we have such an inclination of jealous, competition, and "survival of the fittest" mentality? Living creatures have carved out this way of living based off survival, and hey we've made it this far right?!

But... what if there could be more to this?

What if it could be more FUN, INCLUSIVE, and UNITED? We see it in pockets of society, where things to be running smooth in collaboration. So let's take today to celebrate the collaborations that you've formed in your life and look at the possibility of creating more.

Think about the collaborations in your life that you're grateful for; relationships, lovers, friends, family, business partners, partners in crime ;)

The possibilities for collaboration is endless, so let your mind expand and think about what else could be!

The reason why I share this, and why you're hearing from me for the first time on Wild Vessel's blog is because this is a new collaboration! I got linked with Wild Vessel by some friends because I've been working on a similar mission of uplifting the feminine through my platform The Goddess Fest. When Elena and I first connected we were so excited to hear about each other and I immediately wanted to support the work of Wild Vessel. Through collaboration we're able to support one another, lift each other up, and share valuable tools, info, audiences, and more!

Here are some good questions you can ask yourself while thinking about this topic...

  1. Where in your life are you wanting more collaboration? Relationships, friends, lovers, partner, business, hobbies, health?

  2. Who is an inspiration to you, see if you can support them and maybe learn a bit too!

  3. What would be the most FUN collaboration you can think of? It doesn't always have to be business or serious, tap into your inner child who just wants to play!

  4. Where is a collaboration not serving you anymore? It may be a challenge, but let go and open up to new possibilities!

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