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TGF Performance 2017

TGF Performance 2017

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Sacred Flame Fire Dance TGF 2017

Sacred Flame Fire Dance TGF 2017

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The Moves Collective @ TGF 2017

The Moves Collective @ TGF 2017

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Yoga, Dance, & Meditation

Grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically through a variety of classes, workshops with inspiring facilitators and speakers.

Yoga & Dance



Somatic Practices

Guided Meditation 

Walking Labrynth

Ancient Wisdom
& Ceremony

Native American, Africa, and Indian Heritage/Culture  talks and ceremonies lead by todays powerful elders, healers, and leaders from tribes around the world.  

Arts & Relaxation

Earth Art Create/paint take home crafts made from shells, rocks, and items out of nature.  

Self-Guided Nature Hikes

Enjoy the sacred land and roam for some space.  You never know what you'll stumble upon! ;)

Holistic Health & Nutrition 

We work with local farms to help promote their works and efforts to continue bringing us fresh food.  We also team up with local caterer's such as Vivacious Dish, who believes only through conscious connections to each other & the environment and equitable access to whole foods can we achieve optimum health and happiness.

Private Parties

Evening at GF17

Live Music

Attune to the dance floor, let your feet ground you and your heart soar.  Throughout the festival we have both acoustic live music during the day from our favorite singer-songwriters and full bands (funk, folk, bluegrass, soul) to rock your soul.  Saturday night is the party where we come together and dance under the stars! 

Ceremony and Ritual

We us live music, drumming, and sacred fire dance to uplift the creative mind and connect the earth's pulse of the beat of our hearts.  Together we dance to embody the shifts and growth that are created during the weekend. 


Get ready to experience some of the best dance, circus, and fire performances from our favorite performers and companies!   

Corporate Events


More coming soon!

Looking for an inspiring and game changing keynote speaker?  We'll bring magic and motivation to your conference as we share the power of community, connection, communication and creativity.  Our keynote speakers wont just talk - they'll entertain through music, movement, and performance for a transformational experience for your employees!  

Corporate Parties

Want to create a unique experience for your companies next party?  We'll bring together the entertainment, the decor, a dreamy environment, speakers/workshops, food (vegan, sustainable, locally sourced), and company team building interactive games and activities!  Your company party will be the talk of the year!

Employee Fun Days

Gathering and connecting as a community has proven to help build teams, work in collaboration, and improve the health and happiness of employees.  We'll put together an employee fun day where we go out into nature and connect to Gaia, The Goddess Fest way!  Our guides will lead the day with personal transformational work, connecting with the power of nature, while exploring the power of group dynamics through fun team building exercises.    

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