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Making Dreams Come True

Goddess Fest has been such an honor to weave along side with my fellow collaborators, all with Great Spirit leading the way.  The divine feminine is a strong & sweet energy, and has charged Goddess Fest with undeniable flow and grace in the last two years.  Providing this unique experience for women (of all ages!) to come together in community, release old inhibitions, and step into their highest selves is rewarding and life-changing for not only themselves, but those witnessing.  Then to witness the men who join in celebration, with courage and respect, has helped shape what Goddess Fest represents; a model for a higher existence, a higher unity between masculine and feminine.  We've all felt this divine creative energy during special moments throughout our lives, maybe a baby being born, or a piece of art/a song, that hits you right in the heart.  Goddess Fest provides that creative energy, safe and communicative environment, and a loving community so you can step into what it's like to live fully in the present moment, be a part of creating magic and making dreams come true for yourself and those around you.  Above all becoming in tune with trusting the divine wisdom that lives within each of us since the moment we took our first breath.

Rae Irelan 
Founder & Creative Director


Planting Seeds of Healing

Organically sprouted from East Coast soil, I dreamt a lifelong vision to be part of a “love revolution”; a community that thrives on environmental sustainability, using medicine from the Earth, and supportive artistic expression. At twenty one years old, deep in a soul search, I found passion & purpose in practicing holistic medicine. That powerful calling brought me to the heart of San Diego where I studied massage therapy and various techniques of energy work, ultimately leading me to my current journey in becoming an Herbalist. 


My soul has been blessed with an epic opportunity to bring these passions and healing skills to co-create the space and community of Goddess Fest! I have also had the pleasure of bringing healing magic to various events and festivals; this element of energetic support and bodywork is so necessary in a space of wild expression and celebration. As the dream of the Healing Sanctuary manifests into a real-life , I am also involved in managing other roles in the Goddess Fest production. What an incredible experience to share such potent visions with messengers of love and universal change-- a true sense of “togetherness” in an artistic creation, during  global healing and consciousness rising. 

Sabella Lichtman 
Co-Producer and Manager

Awakening the Medicine Within

as i flow and root down into my truth and divine self, i am joyfully living a life of exploration and presence. through sharing healing with others, exploring mother Gaia in my travels and allowing my inner child to play, i find that i am able to fully show up for myself and for others. my own healing has brought me profound growth in letting go of patterns and experiences that no longer serve my highest self and forgiving the part of my BEing i have been at war with. the biggest reminder in all of this is... 
the time for the work is always now, in the present moment.
wow. thank you thank you thank you!


i am here today to help empower and awaken others to be their most authentic and true self. to dive deep within to unlock the patterns, triggers and blocks that are hindering growth in moving forward. be it through full sound embodiment with a vocal empowerment coaching, reiki, shamanic journeying or a intuitive clarity call, I am here to be of service to you, mother Gaia and you, dear one.

let's awaken the peace warrior within.

through out my experiences as a performer and traveler, i have been able to bring skills to the other side of production. i am grateful to have grown in the roles of stage management, production management, website design, props master, organizer and conscious collaborator. it is a joy and an honor to be a part of the goddess fest team, share in creations and i am excited to help manifest this transformational and magical experience to life once again!

Aweli Juls
Co-Producer and Manager

Connecting through CommUNITY

In a world of consistent and persistent yang masculine energy, taking the time to embrace and surrender to our yin feminine energy has become increasingly important in order to balance our dualistic nature. As a teacher that specializes in teaching yin yoga, as well as a nurturing care-taker of many different animals to many different people, I am graced with the opportunity to honor this energy daily. But life becomes truly magical when we synergize, co-create, and manifest sacred space so that we can all celebrate that softer, melty, yielding side that lives within each of us, together.


One of the most marvelous parts of Goddess Fest is the overwhelming support that we receive from our community in so many different forms. I am lucky enough to be the coordinator of all the earth angels that wish to help facilitate this space for healing, learning, and celebration by volunteering their loving energy and time. Each year I am amazed and blessed by the amount of people that give so much so that others can receive. It has been a great honor and blessing to be able to serve Goddess Fest, Momma Gaia, and the wonderful people of our community.

Ashley "Pearl" Pearlman 
Volunteer Coordinator


This is how we UNITE with what we care about...




Your inner creativity through the arts. Not only will you enjoy world-class entertainment (music, dance, comedy, synchronized swimming, and circus performances) but you will also have the chance to create something to bring home (Earth Art with Rose Irelan) or become a part of the show yourself!  We promote education, radical self-expression, and creative freedom within unleashing your wildest dreams! 



You get to navigate your way through this festival, making it personal and exactly what you need! Join in community at a group master class/seminar, or go on a solo nature walk. Have health issues or want to de-stress? Hang out in the Holistic Health Spa.  We've combined education workshops on health and sustainable practices, plant medicine, indigenous ancient knowledge, culture, communication, arts, and community to provide the most personalized weekend for each participant.  



In a weekend designed specifically for you! Bathe in the beauty of Gaia, the attendees, and yourself!  Goddess Fest is held on sacred land and we encourage you to indulge yourself in the connection and relaxation that nature has to offer us.  Also learn about sustainability practices, non-profits hard at work to create a healthier planet and how you can get involved at our workshops and lectures.  

Turn Up The Heat 

We'll be offering physical classes such as yoga, dance, aerials, hiking, and don't foget dancing underneath the stars, earth below your feet, to your favorite music!


Eat, Drink, Shop 

Local, vegan, and organic. Food trucks, farm to tabel community meals, and healthy snacks, and trend-setting, botique vendors! **THC and CBD infused options will be available.

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