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Then Bali stole my heart

I’m about a week into our trip in Bali and it has been beautiful! Bali is such a gorgeous island and the group that we’re with is making this trip even better. When we first got here we went to Channgu where Cecilia (who I met in India) was! I didn’t even know that was where she was staying and then all of a sudden I was a 5 minute scooter drive from her! I scooted over and it was so magical for us to reunite, after just a few months ago we were talking about meeting up in Bali! After a day and night there we went over to Lombogen Island where we stayed in a cute place called Secret Garden and rode around the islands on our scooters like a kid gang. We’d stop at any spot that grabbed our attention to get drinks and eat yummy Balinese food such as fried rice (Nasi Gorang), fried noodles, veggies with peanut sauce (Gado Gado) and whole fish.

We went snorkeling one day and took a boat out to all the best spots, including Manta Bay where we snorkeled with big, beautiful manta rays! I ended up diving for two days afterwards which was definitely a highlight! We went along these coral reefs that were very colorful and swam with the most fish I’ve ever seen of all sizes, patterns, colors, and shapes! I saw around 10 sea turtles during the dives. I did two dives each day so I was pretty exhausted by the end of it, but it was SO WORTH IT! I was really nervous the first day because I hadn’t been diving in a few years but as soon as I got under the water I was reminded of the calm, peaceful energy I receive when being under there. I’m am inspired to do more diving and maybe even become a master diver! We’ll see how the summer goes. After the island we’ve been in Uluwata, a super cute surf town on these big beautiful cliffs.

(More below photos)

It’s been really relaxing and I’ve been learning a bunch of cover songs that I’ve had on my list for a while, so that’s been super fun! I’ve been thinking a lot about The Moves and I have definitely been missing playing music with others and on stage. I’m in a place of surrender of what is going to be happening with my music, and at the same time my music is something that calms me and brings inner peace. It’s like my life boat. Something I can always do. Each day I’m so grateful for my voice and being able to share my music, even just with myself. We’ll be here for the next fews days and then after that Zech and I are heading up to Ubud. I’m looking forward to settling here a bit and getting into my routine. Each day has become a test for me, with how I can hold onto the peaceful inner warrioress inside of me so I can be my best self while in so many new situations, environments, people, and energies. I’ve enjoyed re-dialing in my routine and figuring out what can help me to stay grounded. I ended up making a short video

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