KISSes from Orissa

Wow these days being at KISS have been completely life transforming! The first day i arrived in Orissa i rested. The second day i woke up early like a little school girl excited for the first day. Bags packed. Healthy breakfast. New outfit. I was ready, but for what i wasn’t sure. A driver picked me up and upon arriving i was given the tour - which had to be done in a vehicle so see the massive scale of what KISS (organization that houses, educates, and feeds 27k indigenous kids) and KIIT (private leading university in India with 25k students). I drove around seeing each school and the beautiful facilities. I was in awe of what had been created here since 1992, the year i was born! My first meeting with the kids was completely breathtaking. I was guided to the hall where they eat and have their morning prayer, it was about 10am. As i walked in i could have not be prepared for such a sight. Looking back at me we’re 10k beautiful faces and as soon as i have a smile all of a sudden 10k hands jumped into the air to wave at me!! I burst into uncontrollable laughter and then it hit me. All these students, about a third of the organization, had left their home, their families, and the lives that they knew to pursue their education to make a difference in the world. I fell into tears and had to hold them back in front of all the students and Anurag, my tour guide and new friend. My heart was heavy and yet elated. Hopefully and full of sorrow. This was how many kids have been helped, how many more are still suffering, malnourished with no education. My life’s perspective has been changed for life.