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A very happy birthday >>> Ireland!

Today is our second day in Ireland. It was a wonderful journey getting here. We left San Diego on the 18th and flew up to San Francisco where we stayed with Zechs parents in half moon bay. He showed me around the coastline, we had the famous artichoke soup, drove his dads super rad, teal, corvette along the cliffs and ocean, went in the sauna, and ate his moms yummy food. It was the perfect launch pad for the long journey we were about to be on. We almost missed our flight up to the bay so we made sure to be on time for the flight to Ireland. It was an 8 hour flight to Iceland where we had a long couple hour layover. On the flight we watched The Amy Winehouse documentary which really triggered a lot of emotions for me. It took me by surprise once my tears started coming but then reminded me about why i feel so passionate about taking a stand for this new way of leadership and authentic relating, including education about drugs and abuse. As i was crying another big Point was brought up once Zech tried to make me feel better and “fix” the problem. I actually just wanted to fully feel into this, it had so many bandaids on it and i was ready to just start healing internally. I know this is such a common act, to try to fix each other and yet how can give each other the space to learn how to heal ourselves because i think that sort of learning will last much longer and become embodied. Once we arrived to Dublin (on my 26th birthday!) we went to our cute air bnb hosted by Ken, this short, talkative, game of thrones, Irishman. He gave us food and stories and then we went to meet Paul from Goa, India who i just met last month! We walked through the twisting and curving alleys of Dublin to Pygmalion - the club, restaurant, and bar that he owns. We had wonderful conversation, delicious food and drinks, and paraded around the city as he introduced us to the coolest spots in town! Zech and i danced and laughed all night staying out till 3am, Dublin is quite the place to celebrate your birthday let me tell ya! This morning we had a late wake up and got on the road to Belfast where the Titanic Museum is. Since we missed the last tour, we decided to stay he one more day. We spent the evening walking around in the rain, eating lots of potatoes and meat, and looking at the old architecture that reminded us both a lot of Boston. We just made it to our air bnb for he night, with a cute older women hosting us. Tomorrow we’ll be waking up early, checking out the Titanic museum and then heading to the Cliffs of Donegal where my family is from! Another beautiful drive ahead and more laughs, wrong turns, and potatoes and meat. Haha!

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