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Dublin, Ireland -> Tel Aviv, Israel

Today is my fourth day in Israel and I’ve woken up in beautiful desert, rolling hills, on the outskirts of the city. Upon getting to Israel I’ve been taking the days to relax and ground after the craziness of Ireland. It was an incredible time, going all around Ireland.

We went from Dublin and drove north then across the island to Donegal where i reconnected with my roots and then we made our way down south. We stopped in Galway and a few other beautiful places all the way to Kenmare. We got to stay in a beautiful townhome with a few other couples for 4 nights, it was great to relax a bit and stay in one spot. The town so sweet, only three streets, so we spent the days going into the shops, eating yummy food (delicious fish and chips) and cooking! We went out one night for the wedding preparty and there was live music, a guitar player and a Sax player. Once they started i was laughing because almost every song they played was right off my own set list! So of course i had to get up with them and sing a bit it was a blast and then u found out the guitar player was actually born in Ohio, where my parents are both from! The wedding was gorgeous, held in this small church nestled in the woods and we danced the night away! I ended up getting asked to sing a few songs throughout the wedding, during the church reception and then with the band for the party!

The next day we drove the Ring of Kerry which was absolutely stunning but the roads were so tiny! Zech was really nervous but let me drive anyways and i did alright! Haha! I’m telling you these were the smallest roads I’ve ever seen! We got to the oceanside and it was stunning. In the late afternoon we found a beach break and Zech looked out dying to get in the water to surf, something he’d been dying to do the whole trip, but unfortunately he didn’t have any gear. And right as we were about to pull away two surfers pull up and before i know it he’s talking to them, and then putting on one of their wetsuits, and then with a blink of an eye he’s paddling out in the water! The smile on his face after was contagious!

We spent the last few days driving back to Dublin, going through Cork for lunch where we got sushi because we were so tired of the meals with 2-3 potato dishes and meat! I definitely gained some weight on this trip with that food and the Guinness and scones. Zech left a day before me so i spent the day with my good friend Paul who introduced me to some incredible managers of his company who i did some coaching with and then he also did some training with me as we walked all around Dublin and ate amazing food!

Now I’ve been in Israel for a few days and have been enjoying my rest, getting back into my workouts, eating healthy, walking and spending time with Amanda and doing some work with my coaching. This weekend I’ve left totally open so we went up north and are going to an underground party with one of her best friends whose birthday it is this weekend! Let the Israeli adventures begin!

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