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I close one door to open the next

The end of the journey has come, for now. I almost can’t believe a month and a half has gone by. I’ve had so many experiences, spent so much money, and worked way less than i thought! Haha! But all around, wow what a beautiful learning experience this has been. I’m almost felt overwhelmed by he end of this trip so i haven’t been feeling like reflection much in the last 24hours if traveling from Goa to Mumbai, to London until now. I started feeling sick in Mumbai last night so today i drank a bunch of juices and of course ate two Croissants in the London airport (wow those were delicious!) But where do i even begin to sum up the last part of my India travels? Goa was beautiful and treated me with the culture shock that i needed, would i stay my course or stray off into the party land? I strayed. Cecilia and i had so much fun, wow, and by a few days of these parties after the two beautiful Aya ceremonies my body felt it. I wasn’t vibrant. I lost my energy. I was falling asleep at the bars. I knew something needed to change.

So we found some classes to take and went to the love temple where we found a shamanic vocal class! Wow, it was so aligned with what we both were wanting to experience and dive into! Hansa was the teacher, an older woman from Kazakhstan who grew up in the shamanic culture and then professionally became an opera singer. The exercises she lead us through were like nothing i had ever done, very energetic and yet opening the voice in new ways. I learned the beginnings of throat singing, something I’ve only experienced as a listener. I knew immediately i wanted to understand deeper, and learn her way and knowledge. We set up a private for the next day which ended up lasting three hours! We went deep, i cried, sang, and felt a new death happen inside of me. The ending of an old part of me that was stuck inside. Later that day she invited me back to the group class where i ended up being the only student so we went into more shamanic work. The heaviness lifted and we worked and worked, cleaning my inner world. Scanning it for impurities. Releasing what was rotten. By the end i felt better but was exhausted from another hour and a half of this deep spiritual work. I ended up falling asleep at 7:30pm that night and woke up with the sun. I knew i needed a new start so i put on my running shoes and went down to the beach. Immediately i was reminded of this terrible stomach ache that had come on yesterday. I could barely walk, no way run, and i had such little energy. After forcing myself down the beach, a few yoga breaks in between, i sat on a rock to meditate to the ocean and the rising Sunday sun. Before i knew it i was purging right in the beach. Release release. I had not purged during either Aya ceremony earlier that week and yet so much had shifted. The purge came now after Hansa had shaken it all up. The energy left me and created open space for light and purity to come in. I felt years better and ran north up the beach, until i got to a beautiful point where i sat to do yoga and meditate. The whole beach morning experience ended up lasting around 3 hours and i felt new by the end.

I called my new friend Zidhane and asked if he would take me on an adventure up north. We jumped on our scooters (i had rented one the day before and only underwent a minor crash and fall!) and we journeyed for what felt like hours to Paradise Beach. Upon arriving we got to the widest, largest beach I’ve ever seen! We swam, danced in the water, sang to each other, shared bananas and coconut water, and just loved each other and the beautiful moments we spent laughing in the shallow waves. We rolled and laughed like dolphins or little children in the waves for the first time. As the sun started to set we made our way back home with big smiles on our faces. A beautiful memory stored in my heart. I spent the evening at Riva, the wild night club of North Goa where hundreds of people gather for Sunday reggae night. Quickly i became tired and went to sleep, enjoying the rest of my last night in Goa. I woke up the next day, went to my last vocal session with Hansa and then we grabbed breakfast at Garden of Dreams where Zidhane met us. He then drove me down to Ku for one last swim before departing. I gave him my guitar and asked him to practice until he left for Barcelona in a week and then to give the guitar to someone else once he was done with it. The traveling guitar began. It’s been a long journey after leaving Ku, Vijay, New soul sister Cecilia, Zidhane, Om J, the Yanawana Tribe and the other Goa family that i found myself lovingly surrounded by. Till next time. For now, I’m sitting on this flight from London to San Diego and I’m so excited to get home and lay in my bed, see friends, my family, my ladies, my tribe, The Moves, the beach, the sunset, and the clear San Diego sky. What a blessed life this is. India. Alone. Spiritual Quest. Check. Now what?! Ireland?! Israel? Egypt? Bali? Istanbul?! ;)

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