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Another view of India

Joining this group has been one of the most transformational, excelerating, and clarifying past few days. We stayed in Old Delhi for a few days and it was a very different perspective from what I saw staying at Dwiti's place in Defence Colony. We were in the thick of city traffic, poverty, and craziness. We went out and spent the morning exploring and playing music in the streets. People would gather around me and completely stop traffic in the streets. After the biggest crowd of around 80 people surrounding me as we walked away the people followed us, starting a parade! After walking around for about 30 minutes we still had a gang of kids who were hanging with us and dancing around. We ended up shooting a music video and then the idea birthed, the video project that I had envisioned just two weeks before was really a music video!

The group all has been pitching in to film a bunch of footage that I will then montage into an epic music video debuting my solo music!

These past two days have been wild. Unfortunately two days ago I ended up getting sick, and we had a 5 hour drive that turned into a 7.5 hour drive! Yesterday we were in Jaipur and had a packed day, Hawa Mahal and then Jaman Observatory (with old stone instruments used for astrology readings). After we went and saw some elephants, it was hard to see them out of nature but was still a magical experience.I went on top of one and played a song, it was incredible. I even saw a camel!

Last night a group of us stayed up late talking, playing game, and then masterminding. I had some pretty huge revelations which i will announce later once I receive a bit more clarity, but for now all I can say is WOW, so big beautiful changes will be coming soon!!!!

I am in awe of the beauty in this country. The people and their namaste, smiling faces, the laughing children in the streets, the curious look in their eyes, and of course the beautiful colors!

Today we left for Agra, the drive was nuts! Our bus driver almost hit many people as there was no sense to the crazy narrow dirt roads. Luckily we made it and I will be having a quiet and early night because tomorrow morning we will be going to see the Taj Mahal!!!

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