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I met up with the US and Canada group yesterday. After driving to the wrong address so an hour and a half later i arrived. Most of the group was asleep, we had an early resting night. Today we woke up early and visited the Red Tent and Jama Masjid “great Mosque”, India’s largest Mosque. There i started playing music and got kicked out. Then we went up the this thin tower, the south minerette, where i got extremely taken over with claustrophobia as the spiral staircase went up 121 steps with people passing on both sides. After that we went to eat at Karims in the Chandni Chowk market. This market was crazy with lots of people, cheap trinkets, lots of shoes, and sidewalks that were dug up. My lunges are definitely starting to feel clogged from the poor air quality here. We journeyed and got lost in back coloridos where we heard music being played. Chelsea bravely went right inside the house where 15 women were gathered playing music and chanting. We went in and joined them, playing music, singing, dancing, as they threw flowers on us and we laughed and laughed. What a first day with this group!

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