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Touring New Delhi

Yesterday i spent the morning taking my time waking up, working out, meditating, and relaxing at Dwiti’s home. It’s been so lovely and welcoming here, and the chef makes such yummy food! Especially the chai! I went to Lodhi Garden which was gorgeous and then met up with Anoop (special forces) and he took me to Nizamuddin aulia Durga - beautiful temple. We walked through crazy, packed markets to get there and once we curved our way inside we had to take off our shoes. We bought plates with flowers and inscents to burning as an offering and prayer. This temple was 700 years old. The king was a soft king, he executed those who had extreme beliefs. He would go outside the palace and be with the people. He had visions that King’s palaces would disintegrate and that the importance would go back to the people, more and more. And now his temple is filled with people flocking there and yet the palaces themselves are destroyed. There used to be Sufi music there but about a year ago they stopped because people were taking videos and posting onto YouTube. Afterwards we went to visit the India Gate and then went to CP (large mall/market place) and the underground marketplace there as well. We had a beautiful evening sharing stories and watching the people. I went home and ended up writing a new song! Dilli Haat has still been my favorite market from the first day, such beautiful jewelry and fabrics!

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