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A whole new world... INDIA!

This is my second day in New Delhi, India. Yesterday was such a long beautiful day. Dwiti took me out for drinks and appetizers at his favorite bar, located in India’s largest hotel. Afterwards I raced home to hold my conference call with Creative Vessel and ended up getting stuck in crazy traffic on the road to the Taj Mahal! Once I got off my conference call I stepped outside of my room to a party of men that had come to see Dwiti off on his next trip to London for a few days of work. The men all worked in and around India’s UN and police force along with Dwiti’s university. It has been incredible to meet such humble, loving, and hospitable change makers. I feel like I am truly receiving a beautiful visit to India.

I was just stopped during this journaling to watch how my breakfast is being made. With two tortilla patties on both sides of what was an omelete. SO YUMMY! After being delivered chai and papaya. I am so blessed!

Anyways, I stayed up last night with two new friends until 5am talking about a music video that we are going to create. It will show the perspective of a tourist coming to India and highlight my music. The man who will be filming it is an accredited film dirrector here in India and creates media campaigns and videos for India’s tourism. He said he will be able to leverage his position to hopefully spread the video far and wide! We chatted about moments that we would like to capture in this video. One idea I had was my feeling of losing my Visa papers and then having an angel of a man save me by letting me use his wifi. Then the feeling of leaving the airport and being approached by a sea of people, and then borrowing a man’s phone to call the drive, Ajay. Finding him all I wanted to do was hug him! Then arriving to a cozy home was such a blessing. These are the experience I’d love to highlight. Or how one of the men at the market who was selling scarves told me he had been flown out to Boston to give talks at the museums and schools about weaving and creating these scarves! How crazy cool is that?! Imagine that we could have bumped into each other on the street in Boston! Life’s synchronicities are quite amazing!

I woke up this morning slowly, worked out, meditated, showered and have been just enjoying my slow start. I would love to go see some live music tonight and I am still calling in my new instrument and Sitar! For now I’ll enjoy this breakfast and take it easy!

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