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I've arrived. India day 1.

I woke up today in New Delhi in a beautiful townhome. I was welcomed by Dwiti’s driver and I’m blessed to have a room to stay before meeting up with Chase and the group! I feel excited this morning, to explore, to see, to smell. There are new sounds here, cats outside of the windows and buckets in the showers. I got asked by Dwiti’s house keeper if i wanted chai to start off my day, hell yes! I feel adjusted to the time change already and after sleeping most of the time on there way here I’m happy to feel rested and recharged. I am not missing home right now which is good, although i am thinking about my loves out there. There is talk about Jazz Fest and then going to Bali in the end of May and possibly a Hawaii trip mixed in! Crazy adventures ahead, that’s for sure!

I feel so welcomed here which has been very lovely. These new friends of mine took me to the market and out to lunch. It was delicious. And my friend Alka and I were matching outfits!! =p

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