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From SD --> LA --> Joshua Tree --> Dallas --> London --> New Delhi, INDIA!

Wildly I run with the wind, locked hair whipping my sun kissed shoulders as my bare feet bounce off the dirt. My arms are open to the sky, not beside me pounding at the frustration. I’m no longer running away from my shadows to the tropics, to the paradise in my dreams. No. I’m now running straight into the depths of poverty, ruins, spirituality, darkness because I know that’s where my light will shine the brightest. That’s where I get to challenge and be challenged against all that I know. India. My walls will be guarded, but anyone who crosses my path is welcome to leave their message. I invite all in for tea to share a lesson, and i am safe because I have already protected myself. India. I am here to have conversations that test my values and perspectives. I am here to dance with the broken children begging on the street until tears roll down their checks from laughter. I’ve been brought here after being shown a beautifully unfolding love, and to test its strength from the start. No more time to waste, so I’ve come to the source. To learn about the mysteries and myths that have built me up since a little girl, only to release all the ties they have to who i am and who i can become. Uncovering and delayering my soul i continue to release, let go, breathe, and go for the ride. While I’m on this roller coaster i will be shaken left and right, up and down enough times until there is no where left to be but completely centered and aligned. My mission is in my heart - to create a social movement that celebrates and honors the arts and its power to unite. And so it is, as i take steps outside of my comfort i can bring this love and magic to the places and people who are truly needing a light, a new opportunity, a new perspective on the magic of life so they can tap into their own music heart and dance to their rhythm throughout this crazy journey we call life.

Humble hearts gather. Supported hearts stay. The third flight was the smallest, barely were my arms able to relax next to my sides. This was the final leg and I’d be all the way on the other side of the world. Thankfully i have Dwiti’s driver picking me up from the airport. Dwiti and I had connected online because he was planning on attending Hive LA (conference for global entrepreneurs and leaders). His visa ended up getting denied so i wasn’t able to meet him. Who i did meet was Anajanta (Dwiti’s friend who was able to make it Hive). In March I’ll be visiting them in their home town in Odisha. So for now the second 8.5 hour flight begins. I ran to catch it just in time. My flight Dallas to London was so easy as i had a four seat row to myself! This one is quite opposite. I’ll end up 15.5 hours ahead of PST and in Dwiti’s New Delhi house where I’ll adjust and hang before meeting up with Chase and the group! I am most excited to find a music teacher/store. My biggest fear is not leaning into this experience enough. I haven’t talked to anyone at the airport yet, I’m feeling nervous to open myself up. I’ve also caught up on a bunch of sleep after these past few weeks of meeting a new friend/lover in SD and spending hours of awkward moments, beach and brunch walks and love making. Also thinking about the items that have been forgotten and thinking about what I’ll be doing these next few days. My heart has stopped racing. I feel a calmness coming over my nervous system. Exhausted. Catching up to myself, i am ready for this journey, i have climbed one of the first peaks, no i get to walk over the first pass. Now feeling lighter, humbled, and gracious. This truly will be a life changing journey!

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