How rolling off the freeway landed me on my path

I am the founder of The Virtual Global Goddess Fest and producer of The Goddess Fest, a boutique campout in the mountains of San Diego along with being a touring musician/performer. Two years ago I was not this person. I found myself at the bottom of a canyon inside a totaled new Prius after falling asleep at the wheel and rolling off the 56 freeway in San Diego. This was after a late night of partying. I had played a show with my band that night, at which I found my girlfriend at the time kissing another woman. To cover up the emotional rollercoaster I turned to alcohol, my normal saving grace. But on this night everything LITERALLY came crashing down. I had been living a life of a “successful artist” playing shows, teaching, partying, traveling, lots of friends... but on the inside I was seriously struggling with addiction, abusive relationships, numbness, a lifetime of self destructive behavior, and a loss of purpose while I was living my life way of integrity.

Oh shit!

Photo above: OH SHIT!

Photo at my gig the night of my accident