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Goddess Fest Volunteer Application


Thank you so so much for you interest in wanting to help out and be a part of Goddess Fest! We truly appreciate you and your time.   


There are several different jobs that we need your help with! These include but are not limited to:::


*Pre-Festival Marketing 

*Check In 

*Pre-Meal Kitchen Help

*Post-Meal Kitchen Help

*Parking Help


*Child Care

*Trash Check 


As a volunteer, we are asking that you work one 4-hour shift from the list below and 2-hour shift either setting up or breaking down the festival for a total of 6 hours. 

Volunteering with Goddess Fest gives you free entry into the entire festival for both days (yay!). This includes camping but does not include a meal plan. Meal plan is $30 and can be sent to PAYPAL or Venmo @awelijuls.

Please email these answers to with the subject VOLUNTEER APP.​

1. Full Name:
2. Preferred Name:
3. Phone number:
4. Email:
5. Tell us a little about yourself and why you want to volunteer with Goddess Fest:
6. Please give us your list of preferred jobs in order, starting with most preferred. Please
remember to include all jobs and whether or not you would like to help set up or break
down. We have a limited number of spots open for each job, and will make our best
efforts to accommodate everyone. Please note some of these are time sensitive. For
example: if you are planning on arriving to the festival later than 1:00 pm, you would
not be able to help with parking as this is mostly at the beginning, etc.
7. Any time restrictions you have during the festival.

Submit your application to Pearl thru the app above.  

Any questions, please email


After submitting your application and deposit payment, we will contact you with more information. Again, thank you so much, we could not do it with out you! Please contact Pearl if you have any questions about volunteering. 

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