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Become inspired, activated, and connected to a deeper understanding of how you can create the life of your dreams while making a positive global impact!



So what the F@%$ is a virtual festival?!

The Global Goddess Fest is a celebration of the new year and a new era - where you get to re-claim your right to have a powerful voice, create the life of your dreams, and be a force for positive change starting in your life, then rippling out to your community, and eventually the world!

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Join over 40 female leaders representing over 30 different countries from 

USA, Australia, Canada, India, Sweden, UK, Jordon, Argentina, Russia, Costa Rica, Vancouver, Indonesia, Athens, Peru, Nepal, Switzerland, Armenia, Cuba, Italy, Ecuador, Netherlands, Tunisia, Palestine, Puerto Rico, and more!

We are a diverse community of top, high-level female leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives with an appreciation of culture, the environment, personal  mental and physical health, and professional development - coming together as an eco-system united for peace.  The Global Goddess Fest provides a virtual stage to share their expertise and wisdom in a creative and engaging way for our global audience. 


Join this worldwide ripple as we collectively step into authentic, heART based, integrated and creative leadership and business.



Our Global Leaders

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How do I receive/participate in the festival?
Visit our YouTube Channel to watch pre-released videos and tune in every Wednesday to watch the new release!  
Dive in to fully participate in the global community by tuning in to our Private FB page, Global Goddesses.  

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Check out more about our featured female leaders!
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Become a global leader through authentic expression and creativity.
Join our community of influencers to learn the newest techniques to becoming a creative vessel to positively impact humanity and our earth.

If you want to go deeper, check out our online program, Global Goddess.

What is the "Global Goddess Mindset" and how you can embody this perspective

How to authentically use your feminine leadership to gain support and respect

Ancient and modern technologies, techniques, and tools to discover your soul's purpose, receive clarity on the steps you need to take to share your message

Practical tools to reach your goals, share your work on a larger scale, and make a positive impact for humanity and the earth 

How to gain confidence with your self expression and liberate your creativity for high performing results

How to overcome creative breakdowns and turn them into breakthroughs

Much more!

Calling all women who are entrepreneurs, CEOs, business women, influencers, leaders, coaches, healers, creatives, innovators... 
Men are welcome who are interested in learning about this new wave of feminine leadership, why this is NOT another "feminist revolution" and how you can join this CREATIVE MOVEMENT for unity...

Meet The Magic Maker...

Rae Irelan is a powerful and respected iconic talent sharing brilliant visions and masterpieces that bring about change and inspire the world.  As a nomadic CEO, world touring performer, and successful entrepreneur her mission is to inspire future generations to create magic in a globally connected society by leading with integrity, passion, freedom, and flare.  Rae lights up the stage, moving millions to open their hearts through her multifaceted music performances and public speaking, leaving a legacy of true connection and unity.


She activates and empowers ALL to step into their fullest potential to be a positive impact.  Rae has worked with acclaimed international thought leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers and artists to pioneer new ways for humanity to reconnect to self, each other, the environment, art & technology, and spirit.  Devoting her life to the arts she has been seen on stages worldwide in front of audiences of 10k+, recorded multiple albums, seen on TV and film, nominated and taken home San Diego Music Awards, published in books/articles/doctoral papers, received a BFA in dance performance, and has produced countless art and transformational events/experiences/festivals/retreats around the world at the young age of 26.


After starting The Goddess Fest (boutique campout) and The Virtual Global Goddess Fest she created the worldwide online women's personal development and support groups; Global Goddess Online Sisterhood and Creative Vessel Leadership Programs.  The opportunity to work with Rae online or in person is a life altering experience to note - radically shifting the participants mindset, life, and receptivity to abundance. She’s been invited around the world to bring her “magic” of expression and creativity to business, art, and spiritual conferences, events, festivals, schools and education centers worldwide

Read about Rae's journey to this work


Rae Irelan 

Founder and CEO

"After the first Goddess Fest, there were men and women stopping me on the street, begging me to recreate that weekend more than once a year.  I answered the call and began to lead monthly Goddess GLOW circles at my home co-hosted with my mom.  As I began touring more with my funk-grass band, The Moves Collective, I wanted to take The Goddess Fest online to help more women and men (wherever they live) connect, transform, and express themselves in a whole new fashion; bringing their magic out into the world in a bold, raw, and authentic way."

- Rae Irelan (Founder and CEO of The Goddess Fest)


Cindy Teh

TGGF '18 Participant

"I first joined the FB group, and I just wanted to thank you for doing what you're doing - reuniting women from all over the world, and empowering us to step up.  I watched every single video, and watching you guys / hearing each story made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  The most important thing was finding out that I'm NOT alone, and that my struggles and this constant feeling of being lost wasn't just happening to me ALONE.  It's so good to hear similar stories from women all over the world; how they got through the darkest parts of their lives gave my hope.  

We're all just trying to find our place in the world, and it can be incredibly lonely when no one around you is doing what you're doing.  So I LOVE how you've managed to bring us from different corners of the world together through this virtual festival!  PLEASE DO THIS AGAIN NEXT YEAR!"

Charlotte Hussey

TGGF '18 Participant

"Thank you for the wonderful Goddess Fest...Goddess energy is what the world so needs at this time.  Thanks for your help and for inspiring the festival."

Ryan Hogrefe

TGGF '18 Participant

"Thanks Rae.  As I work with both men and women in my healing arts works, it is invaluable to me to be exposed to the work that you have put together with these women, and to experience their perspectives.  It helps my work and I am grateful that you have created this experience."

Richard Carter

TGGF '18 Participant

"This event was a complete success of beauty and workability.  It sure served to change my mind about a lot of things especially about your generation of WOMEN.  WOW!  What power and wisdom."

Kosmic Kolibri

TGGF '18 Participant

"Success!  I really love these interviews...thank you for this opportunity of expanding consciousness and connecting with more goddesses."

Rana Unity

TGGF '18 Participant

"Thank you so much for putting this together.  I am really enjoying it.  Thank you!"

Denise Chang

TGGF '18 Participant & Creative Vessel Alumni

"This is great!  I'm loving all the speakers so far!  Thank you!"

Morgan Todd

TGGF '18 Participant & Creative Vessel Alumni

"I'm so excited to devote my energy to this amazing festival!  Thank you!

Clementyne Howard

TGGF '18 Participant

"Thank you for the reminder that I'm not alone.  May all women and girls be free and safe, and know the power and the light within them."

Alice Rost

San Diego, CA - TGGF '18 Participant & Colleague

"Rae Irelan fills the room with light. Her joy, fire, creativity, depth and spirit infectiously both bring people together and create paths for them to find their own creative space. Rae wraps you in her joyous leadership.

She IS a creative vessel.  At any given time her creative energy is in full throttle and most interestingly she has the unique ability to manifest and embody her ideas.  She is a gatherer of people from all over the world whose unique gifts are recognized by Rae and passed on to the participants in her programs."

Rae is a global entity, anywhere she rests her head is home.  Her programs transcend the usual divisions of culture, race, religion, and class.  Participants may assume that their intentions will manifest under her affirming guidance."

Tziporah Kingsbury 

San Diego, CA

"Feeling an immense amount of Gratitude to feel the open hearts, willingness and enthusiasm to dive deep into yesterday's Goddess Fest. Thank you Tribe, leaders and visionaries for calling together in this day celebrating each beings uniqueness."

Soma Ghazale Sabery

San Diego, CA

"Goddess Fest was a great space to let go of my inhibitions.  Overall was a great community of healers, sound healers, artists, musicians."

Jamie Shadowlight

San Diego, CA

"Goddess Fest is a great place to get in touch with your inner goddess and to elevate and tune in your vision for personal growth."

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