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Fall 2017 Line Up

Video Channel Name

Video Channel Name

A Boutique Retreat Celebrating the Divine Feminine for the Members of The Goddess Fest Community

Held on Palomar Mountain.  We get to play and connect on the land, while celebrating her abundance and beauty.


Workshops and Speakers:
~ Laughter Yoga - Indy Rishi
Sacred Flame Fire Circle - Devra Gregory
~ Finding Personal Power through Great Mystery - Dr. Simone Ressner
~ Essential Oils Workshop - Denise Devine 
~ Sound Yoga - Krystal Vaughn
~ Sunday Sound Healing Collaboration - Dave NorwoodsMichael LangdonCourtney Acamo, The Cloud PeopleThe Liberation ExperimentAweli Juls Partyka, and more!
~ Chakra Chocolate Meditation Playshop with Kathryn Rogers
~ Sunset Ceremony: Break Up In A Box with Sheila Marie Campbell
~ Sunrise Meditation Journey with Mystic Magic Mama Aweli Juls

Savina Tisnado - Savinity Massage Therapy
Dave Gravina - Reiki 
Danielle Loewenstein - Acupuncture, Reiki, Massage
Crystal Joy- Mat or Chair Massage 

Live Music: 
The Moves Collective
Mimi Zulu
Daring Greatly Harmonic Trio
Shakedown String Band 
Roland Haas

Cirque Quirk
~ Aviva Wolman - Circus
Hailey Marianna - Aerials
Ivana D'Souza Ivana D'Souza - Dance 

**Stay tuned for more magical additions to the line-up!**

Daytime activities include dance and yoga classes, creative workshops, and talks on various topics including goddess archetypes, urban permaculture, and self empowerment.

Nighttime will be filled with live music, fire and dance performances, spoken word, circus and aerials, and dancing under the stars!

Holistic Health Sancturary will be open throughout the weekend where you can dive into receiving the gifts of massage, acupuncture, reiki, energetic healing sessions and tarot readings.
Artisan Marketplace Feel like decorating your goddess or god with some new threads? GF has unique vendors from around the world.
Gourmet Locally Sourced, Sustainable Vegan Food.


We are proud to have all our members bringing their gifts and talents to this weekend retreat, a getaway from your daily life so you can fully embody your divine feminine.

Goddess Fest is a boutique festival celebrating the divine feminine in EVERYONE (yes that's right, men and children are encouraged to join, but remember you must be a member of the Goddess Fest Community to attend as this is a private event) and honoring our main Goddess, Gaia. We bring together sustainability, native ceremony, arts, and holistic health, education, and goddess culture to create deeper connections, and knowledge, and with the celebration of the rising divine! 

We are supporting  EcoArts Foundation Non-Profit to raise awareness and educate around what is happening to our planets eco-system through the arts.  We will also be bring natives from various tribes around CA to come and lead ceremonies in honoring the land. 

Friday "Connecting to the Divine Feminine Energy"

Doors Open! 
DJ by Aweli 
Healing Sanctuary 
Opening Ceremony with Elders
Group Dinner & Musical Performance by JillianCalkins 
Contained Bonfire - Burn Your Worries Away 
Silent Temple 
Henna workshop with Bianca from Wanderlove Creations
Movement Class: Exotic Dance
Kava Tastings & Mayan Astrology with Santi
Journey Into Sound - A Music Meditation with Kerem Brule 
Shamanic Performance: The Goddess & Divine Feminine through
the eyes of the sacred masculine warrior sage with Davin Infinity
Alchemy For the Eternal Lover with Lina Hipps

Saturday ~ “Awakening the Sensual Expression of the Divine Feminine"
Sunrise Ceremony and Meditation with Gogo Ekhaya Esima
Ecstatic Movement & Yoga w/ Josiah - Music Magic w/ TMC
Awakening Intuitive Manifestation In Business w/ Danielle Blum
Group Breakfast 
Unlocking your Yoni: How to Reclaim your Sacred, Sensual Womanhood & Thrive in Love with Jaqueline
Finding Your Flow Workshop w/Jamie Shadowlight
Queen's Council Circle w/ Tanya Paluso
Group lunch

Cacao Ceremony with Carla
Kundalini Laughter with Indy
The Moves Collective
Group Dinner
Creating Unity and Passion in
Everyone to Heal Our Earth - Ellcee
Paul Cannon 
The Altruists 
Circus Performances by Aerial Revolution (dance, clowning, hula hoop)
Live Painting w/Rose Irelan
WHEAT FIELDS: “Lessons Learned from the Divine Feminine” with
Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted Gardener
Healing Sactuary
Kava and Seed Swap with Santi
LOVE. Ericksonian Ho’oponopono Frequential Healing Experience w/Paul
Live painting with Ben Kramer
White Lotus
The Shaman DJ
Circus Performances by Cirque Quirk, Ali Cat

Sunday “Bliss Out”
Yin yoga w/ Kali
Silent Temple
Sunday Brunch 
Gifts of the Goddess Breath Circle w/ Blake
Save a Horny Friend Foundation w/ Valerie Kosheloff
EcoArts Discussion w/ Ashley Mazanec
Urban Witchery: Medicinal Herbs for the Modern World w/ Nicole Brors
Unity with Peter Shwartz
Comedy Class w/ Lucy
Kava and Seed Swap with Santi
Holistic Healers 

Massage with Sabella Lichtman

Personal Breathwork with Blake Spencer

Kundalini Massage wtih Indy Rishi

Reiki Energy Work with Jillian Calkins

Seed of Peace Therapeutics with Samantha Rheanon Smith

Spirit Integration Energy Healing with Aaron Pyne

Tarot Readings with June Love

Walking Labyrinth created by Mary 'Klibs' Dralle

​Reiki, Tarot, and Massage with Lidia Marin

Acupuncture with Lynsi Atman

​Raindrop Technique Massage with ​Mike Paige

​Shamanic Journeying Energy Work by Aweli Juls

Other Open Activities 
Sound Playground by Kerem Brulé
Labrynth by Mary Klibs Dralle
Earth Art Workshop with Rose Irelan

Sacred Art and Private Energy Sessions by Aaron Pyne
Henna by Wanderlove Creations 
Oils and Facechains by Ipek Design
The Gypsy Wagon & Aura Photos 
Oracle Readings and Malas with June Love
Vivawild Animal Pendants
Energy Work & Jewelry with Kalina Hipps 
kb Pure Essentials with Katie 

We are blessed to say this is our second year holding Goddess Fest in San Diego. 

Thank you to OUR PARTNERS:
Keys Creek Lavender Farm Glamping Tents
Trilogy SanctuaryZepto SpaceTrilogy Space - Mastery Retreat - Burning Man 2016 Decorations and Decor
Terra Madre Gardens Produce
Aerial Revolution Entertainment Performances
Cirque Quirk Performances 
The Moves Collective Music
Tribe de Mama Marketing 
Regina Calvario Osawa and Siobhan Braham - decorations 
Pearl Mann - Volunteer Coordinator
Tim Norton - HR + Event Coordinator


Sleeping Arrangements:
Glamping tents with Keys Creek Lavender Farms
Bring your own tent to camp in solo or with friends underneath the moon and stars.

This is how we UNITE at Goddess Fest...

Unleash - Your inner creativty through the arts. Not only will you enjoy world-class entertainment (music, dance, comedy, synchronized swimming, and circus performances) but you will also have the change to create something to bring home or become a part of the show yourself!

Navigate - You get to navigate your way through this retreat, making it personal and exactly what you need! Join in community at a group master class/seminar, or go on a solo nature walk. Have health issues or want to de-stress? Hang out in the Holistic Health Spa. Activities TBA so stayed posted!

Induldge - in a weekend designed specifically for you! Bathe in the beauty of Gaia, the attendees, and yourself!

Turn up the Heat - We'll be offering physical classes such as yoga, dance, aerials, hiking, and don't foget dancing underneath the stars, earth below your feet, to your favorite music!

While attending this year’s Goddess Fest we promise you will feel the energy of the divine feminine charging up your intuition and connecting you to divinity, mother earth, your creativity and community. Come learn ancient knowledge of holistic health, womb and sacral health, medical cannabis, sustainability actions, and the learn about goddess that have already paved a way for YOU!

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