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A week long virtual festival to inspire, activate, and connect female leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives worldwide to influence a positive impact through personal and professional development.

Join the festival to receive access to our diverse team of featured guests from around the world!

Virtual Festival - Jan. 7-11, 2019

Calling all women who are entrepreneurs, CEOs, coaches, influencers, leaders, boss babes, innovators, game changers, mothers and daughters ...
Men are welcome who are interested in learning about this new wave of feminine leadership, why this is NOT another "feminist revolution" and how you can join this CREATIVE MOVEMENT...
You'll learn...

What the "Global Goddess Mindset" means and how you can embody it

How to authentically use your feminine leadership to gain support and respect

Ancient technologies, techniques, and tools to discover your soul's purpose and receive clarity on the steps you need to take

Practical exercises to bring your dreams and vision to reality, reach your goals, share your work on a larger scale, and make a positive impact for humanity and the earth 

How to gain confidence with your self expression and liberate your creativity

How to overcome creative breakdowns and turn them into breakthroughs

Much more!

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Want the full festival package with access to download the videos, audios, and bonuses from the diverse featured guests?

Pre-order the full virtual festival experience with exclusive access to interviews, rituals, workshops, EXTRA gifts, and more!  Download all the videos & audio to watch on your own time and receive bonuses from the featured guests!

Join 35 Female Experts Representing 14 Countries 

Chicago, San Fran, India, LA, Orange County, NY, Ontario, Ramona, SD, Peru, Cuba, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Bali, UK, Vancouver


We are a diverse community of high level female leaders, entrepreneurs, business women, and creatives with an appreciation of global culture, environment,  personal health,  professional development uniting together as an eco-system of love.  The Global Goddess Fest provides a virtual stage to share their expertise and wisdom in a creative and engaging way for our global audience. 


Join this worldwide ripple as we collectively step into authentic, heART based, integrated and creative leadership and business.






Our Global Leaders

Click here to see leaders bios

Become a global leader through authentic expression, creativity, and commitment to your BIG DREAMS

Join our community of influencers to learn the newest techniques to becoming a creative vessel to positively impact humanity and our earth.


Rae Irelan 

The Goddess Fest


Rae Irelan is a powerful and respected iconic talent, sharing brilliant visions and masterpieces that bring about change and inspire the world.  As a global visionary, touring performer, and successful entrepreneur she leads with integrity, passion, freedom, and flare.  Rae lights up the stage, moving millions to open their hearts through her multi-faceted music performances and public speaking, leaving a legacy of true connection and unity.  

As a multi-dimensional, elegant, queen of inspiration, she activates and empowers ALL to step into their fullest potential to be a positive impact on the planet.  Rae has worked with acclaimed international thought leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers and artists to pioneer new ways for humanity to reconnect to self, each other, the environment, art & technology, and spirit.  Devoting her life to the arts, she has recorded multiple albums, toured her music internationally, been seen on TV and film (Portlandia, national commercials), nominated and taken home San Diego Music Awards, published in books, articles, doctoral papers, and produced countless art and transformational events/experiences/festivals/retreats.

Read about Rae's journey to this work: 

Meet The Magic Maker...

Rae Irelan

"After the first Goddess Fest, there were men and women stopping me on the street, begging me to recreate that weekend more than once a year.  I answered the call and began to lead monthly Goddess GLOW circles at my home co-hosted with my mom.  As I began touring more this past year with my funk-grass band, The Moves Collective, I wanted to take The Goddess Fest online to help more women and men (wherever they live) connect, transform, and express themselves in a whole new fashion; bringing their magic out into the world in a bold, raw, and authentic way."

- Rae Irelan (Founder and CEO of The Goddess Fest)


Tziporah Kingsbury 

San Diego, CA

"Feeling an immense amount of Gratitude to feel the open hearts, willingness and enthusiasm to dive deep into yesterday's Goddess Fest. Thank you Tribe, leaders and visionaries for calling together in this day celebrating each beings uniqueness."

Soma Ghazale Sabery

San Diego, CA

"Goddess Fest was a great space to let go of my inhibitions.  Overall was a great community of healers, sound healers, artists, musicians."

Jamie Shadowlight

San Diego, CA

"Goddess Fest is a great place to get in touch with your inner goddess and to elevate and tune in your vision for personal growth."

Alice Rost

San Diego, CA

"Rae Irelan fills the room with light. Her joy, fire, creativity, depth and spirit infectiously both bring people together and create paths for them to find their own creative space. Rae wraps you in her joyous leadership."

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