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Become inspired, activated, and connected to a deeper understanding of how you can create the life of your dreams while making a positive global impact in 2019!

Welcome to Day 5

Integrating Ceremony and Momentum

Today we're preparing to close The Global Goddess Fest, sad I know!

Do you have difficulty saying good-bye?

Do you have difficulty letting go?

Where is your life are you trying to hold on to something that is ready to be done?


How can you allow yourself to fully let go, jump into the unknown, and just BE?

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We're Adding a BONUS Day 

and FREE LIVE call with Rae


Tue. 11:00am - 12:30pm PST

I'll take you through the 9 steps to becoming a Creative Vessel in 2019

AKA Creating a mission-driven, soul-aligned life and business ;)

  ***Must pre-register in advanced***

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Dive in to fully participate in the global community by downloading the experts gifts at the end of each video and tuning in to our Private FB page, Global Goddesses.  


If you're feeling rushed or want more time to soak in ALL the MAGIC then you can Download the full festival by purchasing it here:

Full virtual festival package with access to download the videos and audios to watch on your own time & receive bonus gifts from each expert

(Valued at $6,150)

In addition I will throw in a free 1 month trial of Global Goddess Online Sisterhood
(Valued at $122/Month)

​TODAY FOR $197!!!

More about The Global Goddess Sisterhood Online Here

Galina Lipina

CEO/Strategies at Effective Freedom

Free Gift: Financial Freedom Calculator - a simple spreadsheet template that allows you to calculate how long it will take you to achieve financial freedom in your particular situation. 

Full Fest Bonus Gift: Freedom Strategy Session

Anna Naturalista

Oracle, Dr. of Divinity (D.D.), Minister, Shamanna, Priestess, Healer

Free Gift: What is Your Clair? Intuition Super Powers 101

Full Fest Bonus Gift: Creating Your Crystalline Grid ~ For Home, Office or anywhere!

Nichole Slyvester

Bestselling Author, transformational speaker + success coach

Free Gift: 5 Day Money Energetics Training

Shreejana KC

CEO/Founder RR Shree School of Technology

Leah Santa Cruz

Intimacy Coach, Meditation Teacher and Founder of UpClose

Free Gift: "Eye Gazing Meditation" This is a guided eye-gazing meditation download you can use to connect on a deeper level with your partner.

Full Fest Bonus Gift: Lowering Anxiety Meditation

Pamela French

Rise Priestess

Video about Pamela's free offering:

EmpoweRISE Meditation

Jeanne Gigi Vancio

Founder of The Arte Pad

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Receive the full festival package with access to:

- Download all the videos & audio to go through your own time

- Extra bonuses from the experts 

- Exclusive interviews, rituals, workshops, activations

(valued at $6,150+)

In addition I will throw in a free 1 month trial of Global Goddess Online Sisterhood
(Valued at $122/Month)

TODAY FOR $197!!!

Become a global leader through authentic expression and creativity.

Join our community of influencers to learn the newest techniques to becoming a creative vessel to positively impact humanity and our earth.

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How has your time been so far? 

Are the wheels beginning to turn?

Or maybe you're still wondering what this is really all about?  What's the catch?

We encourage you to dive in, dig around, and find it for yourself!

How does it feel being part of a global movement and one of the first virtual festivals? 

We'd love your feedback! 

Share and tag us on social media =) 

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See you tomorrow!


Rae Irelan 

Founder and CEO

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Our Global Leaders

Join 41 female leaders representing 21 different countries from 

USA, Australia, Canada, India, Sweden, UK, Jordon, Argentina, Russia, Costa Rica, Vancouver, Indonesia, Athens, Peru, Nepal, Switzerland, Armenia, Cuba, Italy, Ecuador, Netherlands

We are a diverse community of top, high-level female leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives with an appreciation of culture, the environment, personal  mental and physical health, and professional development - coming together as an eco-system united for peace.  The Global Goddess Fest provides a virtual stage to share their expertise and wisdom in a creative and engaging way for our global audience. 


Join this worldwide ripple as we collectively step into authentic, heART based, integrated and creative leadership and business.

Click here to see leaders bios
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Tziporah Kingsbury 

San Diego, CA

"Feeling an immense amount of Gratitude to feel the open hearts, willingness and enthusiasm to dive deep into yesterday's Goddess Fest. Thank you Tribe, leaders and visionaries for calling together in this day celebrating each beings uniqueness."

Soma Ghazale Sabery

San Diego, CA

"Goddess Fest was a great space to let go of my inhibitions.  Overall was a great community of healers, sound healers, artists, musicians."

Jamie Shadowlight

San Diego, CA

"Goddess Fest is a great place to get in touch with your inner goddess and to elevate and tune in your vision for personal growth."

Alice Rost

San Diego, CA

"Rae Irelan fills the room with light. Her joy, fire, creativity, depth and spirit infectiously both bring people together and create paths for them to find their own creative space. Rae wraps you in her joyous leadership."

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