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Terra Madre Gardens

Growing experiences, one seed at a time.

We are Jessica Sanchez and David Solomon. Our kids are Izcally, Ezra, and Shakti (from oldest to youngest). We've been farming for more than 10 years now. First as apprentices with La Milpa Organica Farm. When we first started we knew nothing about planting seeds, pulling weeds, or even how vegetables grew. We left our office jobs to find something that would satisfy our needs to be more connected to nature.

La Milpa offered us a sanctuary where we could live under the oaks, simplify our life and live off the land. With our two kids (at the time) we embarked on what was probably the most important decision we’ve ever made. We also decided to homeschool our kids and teach them a more hands on approach to life.

Throughout that experience we realized how important it is for everyone, especially kids, to put their hands in the soil and understand the basics of growing food. We can certainly all agree that food is an important part of our lives and knowing how it grows is just as critical. As we developed our farming abilities we began participating in community outreach, teaching kids about growing food, creating CSA programs, and participating at farmers markets.

Eventually, La Milpa suffered from some financial strains and as fate would have it, Stone Brewing came to give it a try. Though they had no farming background they definitely had a passion for supporting small organic local farms. Stone Brewing then met with us to see what potential there might be to continue using the land as a farm which could serve not only as a provider of produce for their restaurants but also a place where the community could come out with the family and enjoy the farm vibes.

After a few more discussions, we were put into a leadership role for Stone Farms. Now with a more stable financial backing we were able to take the farm to another level in regards to infrastructure and diversity of produce being grown. Essentially creating a mini edible forest that provides a wide array of fruits and vegetables; Apples, Oranges, Avocados, Guavas, Mangoes, Dragon fruit, Passion fruit, Cherimoyas, Lemons, Macadamias, Figs, Peaches, Apricots, Grapes, Papayas, Blackberries, Rhubarb, Strawberries, Mulberries, Bananas, Sugarcane, Carrots, Onions, Beets, Hops, Sage, Thyme, Lavender, Salads greens, Broccoli, Kales, Cabbage, just to name a few. In addition to that we learned that in today’s farm environment it is of utmost importance to diversify and use the farm for multiple purposes.

We then decided to open the farm to the public on a weekly basis and have events with live music, movie nights, wood fired pizzas, out in the field dinners, weddings, and workshops. It was an amazing way for us to connect with the public and provide a genuine experience that very few places could offer.

People from all walks of life came out to support and enjoy the farm. Many walked away feeling inspired and motivated to go home and plant a garden or a tree. The farm also allowed folks to be able to make the connection between the food being grown and seeing it prepared and served at the nearby Stone World Bistro and Gardens.

As the years went by, Stone also continued to expand in multiple directions and focusing more on other projects. So it was decided, after 5 years of farming, that the farm was better suited in the hands of the farmers.

Which brings us to present day, in a new incarnation with a creative role of taking everything we have learned and applying it to manifest a new farm concept.

Having been in the local farming movement for so long we are constantly reminded of how increasingly rare it is becoming for the community to have access to places such as this. A place where you can bring the family, see veggies and fruit trees growing and have a genuine farm experience.

For us this has become a sacred journey and space. We feel that this project is bigger than ourselves and is about the preservation of small local artisan farms that have a critical role in society. It is of tremendous importance that such places of inspiration and learning exist. Places where the community can come together, unplug from the outside, and connect on the inside.

We are farmers, artisans, healers, educators and yogis who want to help create a better world and are dedicated to the betterment in our surroundings and in ourselves.  Our goals have always been to help bring about an awakening of consciousness that allows for the spreading of peace and love throughout the world.  We are creating a place that allows us to grow ideas to help promote home gardening, self-healing, healthy eating, exercise, artistic expression and happy living. Whether it be through attending a workshop, tasting our fruits & veggies or simply walking the gardens, every visitor is bound to have a magical experience.

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