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Ceremony. Education. Connection.

We are looking for talks on environmental sustainability, yoni wisdom, conscious relationships, breath work, sacred ceremony, divine feminine empowerment, conscious business and more! Looking for those who resonate with amplifying the love vibration of our beautiful planet, celebrating the divine feminine and bringing community together on sacred native land in Descanso, CA.

Please fill out the application below and we look forward to connecting with you! 

Further details will be shared in an email shortly. 

Applications are now closed. See you next year!

Natasha Burke

Santa Rosa, CA

Rae, you are amazing and inspiring. Thank you for all that you gave us women! 

Quanta Jana Cutler

Oceanside, CA

You really brought it!

Jeanine Seib Albert

Carlsbad, CA

Rae, you truly are an inspiration. Thanks for bringing your light to the world!

Sonia Castro

San Diego, CA

Rae has a bright inner light that shines very brightly!! 💫 Keep spreading your love and light!! 💖 Thank you for your vulnerability and for allowing us to see you for the beautiful soul you are.

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Stacy Feliciano

Honolulu, HI

You brought so much warmth and play into the sacred ceremony. 🙌

Ann Shirley Hampton

Sulsun City, CA

You rocked it siSTAR inside and out. You inspire me. Bowing in deep reverence 🙏 ♥️Until we meet again.♥️♥️

Chris-teena Bonna Foux

Carlsbad, CA

You are amazing Rae and truly inspiring ✨🙌🏼 Keep shining girlfriend !💕 thank you!are an inspiration. Thanks for bringing your light to the world!

Raquel Reyna

San Diego, CA

She was truly amazing. What a gift of music and joy. :) 

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