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Delhi --> Mumbai

Today was my second day in Mumbai and we went to a new hotel that was on the north side. Mumbai is much more tropical and jungly than i thought, with a big city vibe. I’ve really enjoyed it. Dwiti brought me to the nicest hotels and we had delicious meals, i feel very blessed to have met him! Today i hung out in the hotel lobby working on global goddess sisterhood and business plans. It was really lovely having time to work, i really do enjoy it. As i was going back and forth on why i had come to meet him i really wasn’t sure throughout the day. I was wondering if this was another thing i did just to follow the rules, or someone else’s way? I was no longer following Tim so I’d follow other men. But the reason came up over dinner. He asked if i imagined that him and i would ever date. I had the hardest time saying no, i felt like i would be completely rejected and no longer loved or taken care of. He finally allowed me to say no and immediately i felt so embarrassed. After a few minutes of silence he broke it with a story completely different than that question and he also started calling me friend. Wow!!! A huge brick lifted from my shoulders and i was surprised how i had been holding onto him, and the situation. A beautiful gift he gave me to say a strong no. After wards we were driving home and he stopped at his favorite ice cream shop. Two desserts in one night, wow! Tomorrow morning we are waking up early to go fly to Orrisa (Odisha) to visit his hometown, school, and organization. I can’t wait to see what that’s all about!

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