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Uniting men and women around the world to create I.M.P.A.C.T. by creating the life of their dreams!

Welcome to Day 4 - Jan. 11th, 2018 

A.uthentic Leadership

Live the life of your dreams to create a positive global I.M.P.A.C.T. using intuition, manifestation, passionate purpose, authenticity, creativity, and tribe.

How can we show up authentically while keeping ourselves safe?  Take off the "mask" and show up real and raw as you lead the creation of the life of your dreams!

Check out Rae's FB Live video from last week, introducing authenticity HERE

Day 4 Featured Experts:

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"My favorite parts was definitely the weekly calls. I love sharing and listening to my sisters' experiences and being able to hold space for anything that needs to be said while feeling like I really belonged." - Denise Change (CA)

"The program and the support of the sisters has really helped me to get through letting go of getting unstuck. I needed to shake things up and hit the refresh button and bring in some new energy to make the shift and this program really inspired that shift." - Geri Fox (Ashland, OR)

"Rae has done a wonderful job of bringing together vibrant women from all over to share in the supportive online community she has created. This group is a great place for people looking to support and uplift each other while tapping into their feminine  energy."  - Olivia Zoe Ryan  (Portland, OR)

"It is a journey that is unique to each person that joins in it. It is a sisterhood and a connection with women that meets you right where you are in life and challenges you to face your self fully and honestly." - Erin Bowman (CA)

"I never thought I could connect with women online in such a vulnerable and intimate way. Rae's way of guiding us was both fun and deep."  - Sarah Miller (San Diego, CA)

"I felt great after completing the program! It rejuvenated and inspired me. I feel so much more positive about my mind/body/spirit, taking away the gift of connection and the belief in myself that I am capable of harnessing my own power." - Natalie Earnhart  (Denver, CO)


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Your voice counts. 

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