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This is how we UNITE with what we care about...

Unleash - Your inner creativty through the arts. Not only will you enjoy world-class entertainment (music, dance, comedy, synchronized swimming, and circus performances) but you will also have the chance to create something to bring home (Earth Art with Rose Irelan) or become a part of the show yourself!  We promote education, radical self-expression, and creative freedom within unleashing your wildest dreams! 

Navigate - You get to navigate your way through this festival, making it personal and exactly what you need! Join in community at a group master class/seminar, or go on a solo nature walk. Have health issues or want to de-stress? Hang out in the Holistic Health Spa.  We've combined education workshops on health and sustainable practices, plant medicine, indigenous ancient knowledge, culture, communication, arts, and community to provide the most personalized weekend for each participant.  

Induldge - in a weekend designed specifically for you! Bathe in the beauty of Gaia, the attendees, and yourself!  Goddess Fest is held on sacred land and we encourage you to induldge yourself in the connection and relaxation that nature has to offer us.  Also learn about sustainability practices, non-profits hard at work to create a healthier planet and how you can get involved at our workshops and lectures.  

Turn up the Heat - We'll be offering physical classes such as yoga, dance, aerials, hiking, and don't foget dancing underneath the stars, earth below your feet, to your favorite music!

Eat, Drink, & Shop - local, vegan, and organic. Food trucks, farm to tabel community meals, and healthy snacks, and trend-setting, botique vendors! **THC and CBD infused options will be available.

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