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Apply to join the 9 Week Creative Vessel Online Program & Mistress-Mind

Next Group Begins Feb. 2019

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Take charge of your life, outcomes, and command your future!


Do you feel the call to birth your next project/business and/or lifestyle?

Are you ready to receive abundance from being uniquely YOU?

The world is ready for you and your work, are YOU?!

  • Break all the rules and find your unique WOW factor as you claim your desires and your right to be powerful.  

  • Align, design, and integrate your brilliance into the marketplace to create impact.  

  • Discover clarity in your soul purpose while creating a mission-driven business that aligns with your desired lifestyle.  

  • Utilize your unique essence, drive, creativity, flow, while balancing Alpha (feminine) and Omega (masculine) energies to create impact.  

  • Transform energy blockages that have become patterns of disharmony within the soul to experience your creative metamorphosis.

  • Discover the essence and purpose of your being to define, align, and integrate your deepest values by which you live, create, make decisions, and stand behind.

Who Creative Vessel is designed for...

If this is resonating then you probably are...

Spiritual Female coaches, entrepreneurs, creatives, leaders who are DRIVEN to create a positive impact in the world through both personal transformation and global movement.  

Are you wanting to...

  • consciously design your lifestyle as a fully embodied and expressed leader, rising thought leader, visionary, or movement maker

  • connect with women who are driven and motivated and have an accountability partner

  • bring your visions into reality using feminine business & leadership models and strategy

  • develop your intuition and flow states for optimal ease, up-leveling, and expansion both personally and in your business

  • expand in your self-expression, play, happiness, and success while being uniquely YOU in and out of your business

  • receive your value and own your worth

The world is ready for you.  Are you ready for it?!  If you're feeling yes, then this is your time to jump in and follow your YES to your next step on creating the life of your dreams!  It's all possible, do you believe?

  • Trying so hard to “stay balanced” so you haven’t been pushing, re-motivating or re-inspiring yourself and now life is feeling boring and pointless.  You aren’t creating the type of impact you know you’re capable of and you’re possibly missing something that is more meaningful.

  • NOT being authentic, in alignment, and congruent with yourself therefore you’re not attracting soul-clients that create win-win situations.  You’ve invested time, energy, and money into yourself and your business but you’re not seeing it pay off so you’re doubting your worth and capabilities.  You ask yourself often, “Is it actually possible to create steady income streams while “following my dreams?” You are re-thinking your choices, but can’t imagine feeling fulfilled going back to your “old life”.

  • You’re understanding of “living in alignment” has and is shifting.  Things have fallen apart for better and/or worse and you’re tired of feeling pressured, panicked, stressed, or unsettled about wasting time while being unsure of what direction to go in.  Underneath you are unsure or don’t believe in your worthiness to really go after your dreams and be successful.

Does this sound familiar?!

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What you will receive

  • Creative Vessel Blueprint - a 9 Step Process for conscious lifestyle design.   Redefine your personal “success” in professional/financial productivity and performance, health and wellness, personal life and relationships, and spiritual development using integrated and multifaceted approaches that are well-coordinated throughout all levels of your existence and impact.

  • Practical tools for support, growth, organization

  • Weekly home-play to consistently work towards your goals

  • Accountability Sister 

  • Weekly curated group calls 

  • 1 private hot seat call (additional calls available) 

  • Bonus videos, tools, and gifts from top global experts

Our structure for activation and embodiment

Step by step guidance through transmissions of truth inspired by:

  • High level business, tech, communication, and development leaders (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.)

  • Native traditions, ceremonies, and use of natural elements

  • Sophia Code and feminine empowerment and wisdom activations

  • Advanced creative expression and spiritual teachings 

  • Boss babe tactics, tricks, tools

  • Social Media Genius Marketing


Using history and science based strategies, you’ll be guided through a 9-step process correlating with the stages of birth, to help YOU birth your mission-driven, soul-aligned business and life in 9 months.


Integrate ancient spiritual practices and goddess culture from around the world with high level personal and business development so you can reclaim your right to have a powerful voice and a mission-driven, soul-aligned business as a “modern day goddess”.


Recapture your unique feminine essence, embodying your creative metamorphosis, fully express yourself and create the impact, wealth, and life of your dreams.  


Use Creative Rapid Prototyping and flow states to receive more $$$$ and soul-aligned clients WHILE in integrity, alignment, and balance of your EPIC spiritual, personal, and professional life goals.  



C - Command creativity, clarity, and commitment - taking charge of your life, outcomes, and commanding your future!  What do you want? Claim your desires and what you truly want, let go of what you’ve been taught to want! Learn the science behind manifestation and the structure of time management and budgeting to draft out the next years COMMITMENTS.

R - Reclaim responsibility - Look at what’s not working, where are you NOT receiving what you’re asking for.  Understand your learned patterns so you can choose change. Find clear language to express your true message that are you responsible for sharing with the world.

E - Embody your experiences - Understand your unique edge & WOW (Wild-Original-Wisdom) factor based upon your inherent talents, learned skills, and your life lessons that come from the unique set of experiences ONLY YOU have received.  Share your experiences and messages via social media in fun and playful ways too create real connections.

A - Authentic attraction - Soul clients who need what you have and want to PAY you to receive them.  Pinpoint your target audience by understanding their needs and wants so you can’t brand your solution for them to easily find you.

T - Transparent transformation - Truth through building tribe, storytelling & visibility.  Let yourself be seen. Step into your leadership by positioning yourself within your marketplace as an expert in your field and as a trusted authority figure.

I - Initiate intention and intuition - Feminine leadership skills and strategy to avoid burn out by “consciously being out of balance”.  Work more in your genius zone to receive more support. Strategize, plan, and organize then allow your intuition to fluidly guide you.

V - Voice your value - pricing, scaling, boundaries, and structure.

E - Express your essence to engage - Launch, share, and push start on creating the life of your dreams through impact.

Why play?

"Play is essential to our social skills, adaptability, intelligence, creativity, ability to problem solve and more. Particularly in tough times, we need to play more than ever, as it's the very means by which we prepare for the unexpected, search out new solutions, and remain optimistic."

- Stuart Brown.  Leading expert who wrote groundbreaking book, "Play" on the science of play, and its essential role in fueling our happiness and intelligence throughout our lives

When you're playing you're in your dream state where anything is possible.  You have the freedom to tap into your power and can also imagine abundance in ideas, resources, and $$$ in a whole new way.  

Meet the creator!


Rae Irelan

is a powerful and respected iconic talent sharing brilliant visions and masterpieces that bring about change and inspire the world.  As a nomadic CEO, world touring performer, and successful entrepreneur her mission is to inspire future generations to create magic in a globally connected society by leading with integrity, passion, freedom, and flare.  Rae lights up the stage, moving millions to open their hearts through her multifaceted music performances and public speaking, leaving a legacy of true connection and unity.


She activates and empowers ALL to step into their fullest potential to be a positive impact.  Rae has worked with acclaimed international thought leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers and artists to pioneer new ways for humanity to reconnect to self, each other, the environment, art & technology, and spirit.  Devoting her life to the arts she has been seen on stages worldwide in front of audiences of 10k+, recorded multiple albums, seen on TV and film, nominated and taken home San Diego Music Awards, published in books/articles/doctoral papers, received a BFA in dance performance, and has produced countless art and transformational events/experiences/festivals/retreats around the world at the young age of 26.


After starting The Goddess Fest (boutique campout) and The Virtual Global Goddess Fest she created the worldwide online women's personal development and support groups; Global Goddess Online Sisterhood and Creative Vessel Leadership Programs.  The opportunity to work with Rae online or in person is a life altering experience to note - radically shifting the participants mindset, life, and receptivity to abundance. She’s been invited around the world to bring her “magic” of expression and creativity to business, art, and spiritual conferences, events, festivals, schools and education centers worldwide.

Read about Rae's journey to this work by clicking here HERE


A Message from Rae...

I will be hand picking a select group of women for a personalized mastermind experience where you'll be able to use this sisterhood for support and accountability as I walk you through the formula to birthing your next project/business! 

Regardless of the outcome, we are so glad you're applying. Thank you for living a life of purpose and love, committing to creating a positive impact!

I want to share how I am committed to creating a positive impact...I am a visionary dreamweaver put onto this planet to create a social movement inspiring female leaders to use the arts, technology, and love for impactful, global change. I am dedicated to providing information, tools, platforms, and connections for your growth in business, personal and creative development.

Since the "conception" of The Goddess Fest in Jan. 2016 we have watched thousands of men and women become inspired to step into their full creatrix power.  Now over 75 countries have joined the Goddess Fest community!  

This community is made up of award-winning entrepreneurs, CEOS, leaders, parents, teachers, artist, activists, athletes, coaches, authors, scientists, engineers, students, dreamers and many more.  

Thank you for your application and your support of The Goddess Fest!


Denise Chang
San Diego, CA

"My favorite parts was definitely the weekly calls. I love sharing and listening to my sisters' experiences and being able to hold space for anything that needs to be said. I definitely wish we could have spent more time together. I'm taking away that sisterhood is so important for healing and feeling like you belong somewhere, which is something I achieved here. I am looking for more ways to continue this work and be a part of something just like this. I also really enjoyed exploring Goddess archetypes as it was something very new to me." 

Olivia Zoe Ryan
Portland, OR

"Rae has done a wonderful job of bringing together vibrant women from all over to share in the supportive online community she has created. This group is a great place for people looking to support and uplift each other while tapping into their feminine goddess energy." 

Sarah Miller
San Diego, CA

"I never thought I could connect with women online in such a vulnerable and intimate way. Rae's way of guiding us was both fun and deep." 

Natalie Earnhart 
Denver, CO

"I felt great after completing the program! It rejuvenated and inspired me. I feel so much more positive about my mind/body/spirit,  My favorite part was connecting with women I wouldn't have otherwise been able to meet.  I am taking away the gift of connection and the belief in myself that I am capable of harnessing my own power and feeling like i deserve good things in my life. "

Erin Bowman 
San Diego, CA

"It is a journey that is unique to each person that joins in it. It is a sisterhood and a connection with women that meets you right where you are in life and challenges you to face your self fully and honestly."

Geri Fox
Ashland, OR

"The program and the support of the sisters has really helped me to get through letting go of getting unstuck. I needed to shake things up and hit the refresh button and bring in some new energy to make the shift and this program really inspired that shift by bringing in all these loving and empowering archetypes to work with, along with the energy of the sistership to work with and bounce thoughts and feelings off of as well. I feel that I was able to give as much as I received, which was also very healing to me.  I am deeply grateful for the energetic shift that has occurred." 

Alice Rost
San Diego, CA

Rae Irelan IS a creative vessel.  At any given time her creative energy is in full throttle and most interestingly she has the unique ability to manifest and embody her ideas.  She is a gatherer of people from all over the world whose unique gifts are recognized by Rae and passed on to the participants in her programs.  Rae is a global entity; anywhere she rests her head is home.  Her programs transcend the usual divisions of culture, race, religion and class.  Participants may asume that their intentions will manifest under her affirming guidance. 

Shannon Warnick
Houston, TX

I have been lucky to witness Rae as she has stepped into her full authentic self this year. When I first met her, I thought "raw magic" as I heard her speak of her singing, dancing, Goddess Fest and what seemed to be a very carefree life. As I was able to be with her, in circle, she taught me how to be vulnerable, open and real. She spoke fears that I couldn't voice and showed me that there is strength in vulnerability. When I look back over the last several months, I see a young woman driven to create a world where the arts are the cornerstone for change in the world. If you are ready to step up, show up and maybe get a little dirty, follow Rae's lead. Talent, vision, dedication, experience, compassion - Rae has it all - and I can't wait to see what's next!

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Begins June 2018

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