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Watch yourself G.L.O.W.




Orgasmic Manifestation.

Womb Wisdom.

Step into your power and watch yourself G.L.O.W.! With the help of a goddess archetype each week, you will be encouraged and supported to take action towards your personal goals. As we focus on growth, connection, accountability, and ancient wisdom, we will use meditation, rituals, movement & sensual practices, and music to tap into our feminine power to manifest and shift energy.

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Interested in holding your own online circles? Sign up for the 16-week program to dive in deeper, integrate into action steps, and learn more of the “how” to host your own online circle by signing up for the 16-week advanced program - email for more info!




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It’s Your Time To G.L.O.W.       What women are saying about GGGO...


"Goddess Glow was fantastic! I never thought I could connect with women online in such a vulnerable and intimate way. Rae's way of guiding us was both fun and deep." - Sarah Miller


“A big YES to Goddess Glow!  I can tell you from personal experience...this Goddess has the GLOW and I can't wait to sit in her online Circle again! So excited for the next one!” - Barbara MacMillan


"After becoming joining Global Goddess Glow Sisterhood I don't feel alone and know I'm held by sisterhood." - Sarah Sullivan


“The best part was connecting with women, real-life goddesses” - Erin Shaffer


G.L.O.W. Girl Testimonials

Past Circles and Groups 

“I really enjoyed the guided meditation and check ins. Closing my eyes to connect with myself and all these women in the middle of my busy day was super powerful.” - Taylor Brown


"GGGO is a small group of women who are really committed to opening up and being there for each other to explore each person's own personal journey in context of a different goddess archetype each week - led by a darling, dynamic, clear-eyed, dedicated goddess incarnatee - where you have fun, go deep, make new friends, use your voice, share your fears and dreams and questions, find open-hearted support, and really get to experience sisterhood on an immediate face-to-face level - even if you have NO IDEA about goddesses or have never been in a circle!" - Jennifer Blue


"I became a sister in the Global Goddess Glow Sisterhood and now I started a cleanse I had been procrastinating on; put my house up for sale after taking about it for two years, and incorporated dance into my daily routine! No more excuses. The program and the support of the sisters has really helped me to get through letting go of getting unstuck. I needed to shake things up and hit the refresh button and bring in some new energy to make the shift and this program really inspired that shift by bringing in all these loving and empowering archetypes to work with, along with the energy of the sistership to work with and bounce thoughts and feelings off of as well. I feel that I was able to give as much as I received, which was also very healing to me.  I am deeply grateful for the energetic shift that has occurred." - Geri Fox


"My favorite part of GGGO was the live calls and breakout sessions. It was great to pair up one-on-one, that's not something a lot of groups do remotely - so it was a welcomed contact point." - Jennifer Blue


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